2019 Stationery Lists

All Stationery items are available for purchase through the school office from Thursday 31st Jan &  Friday 1st Feb from 9:00am.

EFTPOS is available.

NO CREDIT - Only items that are paid for in full can be taken.



Room 2-Jane Keogh


Room 9-Year 1-Resina Lemalu


Room 9-Year 2-Resina Lemalu


Room 10-Year 1-Dawn Simmonds


Room 10-Year 2-Dawn Simmonds


Room 11-Year 1-Kiri Wehipeihana


Room 11-Year 2-Kiri Wehipeihana


Room 4-Year 3 & 4-Zoe Bridewell


Room 6-Year 3 & 4-Paige Alexander


Room 7-Year 4-Sam Johnstone


Room 7-Year 5-Sam Johnstone


Room 8-Year 3-Lisa Morton


Room 8-Year 4-Lisa Morton


Room 3-Year 5 & 6-Linda Pene


Room 5-Year 5 & 6-Rowena Benge


Room 12-Year 5 & 6-Axe Isherwood