Here are some comments from our #CanCommunity taken from Community Consultation Surveys & Facebook Post feedback. Check out what our #CanCommunity have to say about our amazing school...

‘The interactions with the children is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Every member of staff accepts and supports every child, amongst their peers and as individuals. There is a real connection between everyone within the school. They let the kids be themselves and adjust their (school’s) approach to teach the kids the way they need it.’  

‘Henry Hill School has been a huge positive for my son! Succeeding above and beyond in all areas. Love the positive attitude & vibe of all staff at school.’

‘They have awesome teachers which makes awesome kids! I feel that Henry Hill School acknowledges that learning is a journey not a destination. They’re teaching our kids how to manage themselves for their future.’

‘Definitely picked the best school in the Bay!’

‘The school environment promotes confidence, leadership and possibility. I wouldn’t want my kids to go anywhere else!’

‘What was even more awesome was watching all those kids (at Prizegiving) that didn't get prizes celebrate and cheer for their mates that did, the CAN kids at Henry Hill take every opportunity to embrace success even if it's not theirs personally. And as a parent, I high fived and hugged some of those prize recipients, feeling proud like they were my own kids. This is the type of school community I want to be part of, ka rawe!!’

Every year this Kura seems to get bigger and better, we (parents) are so very lucky and blessed to have teachers that genuinely care about the development of our Tamariki. #bestschoolinHBFACT!!!!’

‘My kids are lucky to have a great team to lead them successfully.’

‘Our son is always learning something new and excelling.’

‘The willingness to always improve in every aspect of learning.’

‘It feels like home.’

‘Henry Hill School instills a strong sense of ‘self’ within it’s students.’

'I was a student at this school 20+ years ago, My daughter then went on to become a student here. We now live in Australia and she misses the school so much.'

'Thank you Mr Williams for all your leadership and guidance of our children and grandchildren. Thank you for running the best school I have ever seen. Between my and all my children’s school there’s been a few yours is the best. Thank you for the teachers who have got along my grand babies and encouraged them strengthened them and “sorted” them. Loving your school.'

'Thank you so much to Henry Hill school! Ohh my kids are so blessed to be at an amazing school, fully enjoying there education, couldn’t ask for anything more!'

'Thank you Jason and CanTeam for all of the hard work, love and effort that’s continuously poured into the lives of all CanKidz totally the best school in the world hands down.'