We were last reviewed in August 2015 by the Education Review Office. This review is available to read in full at the following website:  and then searching for Henry Hill School. We are due to be reviewed again this year. Here are some quotes from the 2015 review...


Teaching & Learning


A relentless focus on raising student achievement in literacy and mathematics is apparent.                   


Successes in students' learning are regularly shared and celebrated.


Teachers are well supported to make appropriate changes to practice.


Consistent teaching practices are evident across the school.


Students have a sound understanding of how they are progressing in reading, writing and mathematics.


A positive approach to student learning and engagement is evident.


Authentic contexts for key learning experiences are apparent.


Teaching practices are focused on student engagement and improvement.




Support for Maori Learners (Ministry of Education Priority Group)


A wide range of initiatives supports the culture, language and identity of students. Te reo me ngā tikanga Māori are highly evident across the school. This supports Māori students to achieve success as Māori.


Te ao Māori is well integrated into the school curriculum.




School Vision & Philosophy                               


The school has clear mission and values statements. A positive environment is promoted through the development of 'Can Kidz'. This is having a positive impact on behaviour across the school.


Academies offer opportunities for students to follow their strengths and interests.






The principal is highly visible in the school and is leading positive change by example. Revised leadership structures ensure that shared leadership is in place. Team leaders work collaboratively with staff and guide consistency in curriculum delivery focused on positive outcomes for students.




Board of Trustees       


The board has developed sound processes. Trustees demonstrate a strong commitment to improving outcomes for all students and seek to communicate effectively with parents. They are focusing on making sure that positive changes are sustainable.