Enrolment Information

Are we the school for your child and whānau? Read through the information below to learn a bit more about how we do things here ...


Expectations of Whānau

Here are our expectations of you as Parents or Caregivers...


Arrive at school on time every day (8:30am - 8:45am is recommended)


Comes to school everyday unless there is a valid reason for not attending. Let us know when this is the case via phone, txt, e-mail, or Facebook.


Attend school in correct school uniform each day. 


Attend one of our #CanCommunityDays which take place each term. Learn alongside your child and take part in a hands on learning experience. 

Read the newsletter each week to keep up to date with what’s happening at school.

Stay connected through Facebook which is updated daily and through our School App


Provide your Can Kid with morning tea and lunch each day. We provide a piece of fruit each day as part of the Fruit In Schools programme.

Send your Can Kid to school with water to drink as we are a Water Only School.


Follow our expectations around road safety and parking near the school’s front entrance 


Help build our school’s Values at home as they are all valuable life-skills.



It's simple...fill in a few forms (and by a few we actually mean, quite a few), bring along your child's passport or birth certificate and meet with us.

At these meetings we typically will ask if there are any social, learning or any concerns that we may need to be aware of to better support your child.

If your child was previously enrolled at another school it is not a mandatory requirement for you to inform them about changing schools, however we do contact them to ask about Attendance, Behaviour, Learning Needs. We request your child's records, etc from the previous school. 

*New Entrant enrolments must also have attended 4x transition sessions prior to us accepting/processing your enrolment. Transition classes are Tuesday afternoons 1:30pm - 2:30pm.

** All new enrolments must have full uniform prior to us accepting/processing enrolment.



All Uniform items are only available for purchase through the school office on Mondays & Wednesdays.

EFTPOS is available. Sadly we are unable to provide credit / all items must be paid in full before we can hand them over. 

We are able to provide an invoice for WINZ upon request.


Compulsory Items

$40.00 Polo Shirt

$46.00 Skort or $32.00 Shorts

$10.00 Cap or $15.00 Bucket Hat


Optional Items

 $52.00 Polar Fleece Sweatshirt

 $52.00 Trackpants


Bullying - Our Approach: Building Resilience

We talk to our kids about expectations and when they don't meet them we talk about the learning that needs to take place next, or from now on. That's it! No drawn out flow charts and steps systems.

This proactive approach through visibility, modelling expectations, making positive connections with our kids and ensuring support systems are in place so our Can Kidz can achieve success means we have little in the way of behavioural issues.

School is a cool place, it's a safe place, and it provides opportunities to take risks, make mistakes and to learn from them.

We have over 170 families represented here with probably 170 different ways to deal with kids behaviour at home. Some have the same values as us, same have different values, and some have some very different values. From these families we then put all 260-ish kids together and you’ve got Henry Hill School!

Prior to starting school some kids are taught to share, some aren’t; some are taught that you keep your hands to yourself, some aren’t - so it’s all about learning what is acceptable, here.

We have lots of different initiatives and programmes in place that are all pro-active so the likelihood of any issues is small. This approach has worked extremely well over the past six years.

We want to build up our kids self-esteem, build their resilience when faced with challenging situations, and teach them how to better manage themselves because you ‘CAN’ control your behaviour. This is a big part of our ‘CAN’ Kidz philosophy.

We don’t use the word ‘bullying’ here as in our experience the word is mostly mis-used and often due to parents just knowing or being aware of one side of the story.  Do we have kids that can be annoying at times - of course we do, but it’s not bullying and usually it’s kids being kids or kids simply - just being annoying (or in some cases kids not using the strategies we share with them – over the page)

Some things to be aware of: There are 3 sides to every story

  1. Person A’s side of the story (typically a partial version of the truth)

  2. Person B’s side of the story (also a partial version of the truth)

  3. The truth

Sometimes it takes a discussion involving both sides before the truth comes out. It’s not about anyone lying it’s just that kids don’t want to disappoint and don’t like being in trouble so at times the truth can be conveniently ‘altered’ to avoid these things happening.

At times we hear scenarios like these in the playground, and occasionally in class:

‘ _____________ is annoying me.’

‘______________ called me __________’

‘______________ is being mean to me’


How a child reacts to these situations determines what happens next. Here are the best ways to deal with annoying behaviour.

We let our kids know that:

1) Yes. Some people are annoying; and

2) People can call you anything they want.

We hope that this doesn’t happen here but in life you are always going to have to face up to and deal with situations like this.

Strategies we share with and teach the kids to use when things don’t go as planned in the class or in the playground…

  1. Tell them to - ‘STOP IT!’ and tell them what it is they are doing that you don’t like!

  2. Walk away - a simple strategy but one of the most effective ones! If someone’s annoying you and you choose to move away from them youve taken control of the situation.

  3. If the person annoying you chooses to follow you then let someone else know - older Can Kid, School Leader, Duty Teacher.

These strategies work!



Upon enrolment your #CanKid/z will be placed into one of our four school Tribes here: Tuhirangi, Ōtātara, Heipipi, and Kohukete; all named after local maunga/mountains in the Napier region. Our Tribes system celebrates whānaungatanga, encourages tuakana/teina, and inclusiveness - Everyone belongs!

On Tribal Challenge days our #CanKidz and #CanTeam come dressed in their Tribe colours.



Kapa Haka

Our #CanKidz and a #CanTeam are #ALLin with their learning and engagement, both inside and outside the classroom. This also directly transfers through to our Kapa Haka Roopu.

Being a part of the Kapa Haka Roopu is much like being a part of a whānau. We want #CanKidz who actually want to be there and show a #Commitment to their Kapa Kaka whānau by showing up, going hard in their performance and being #AllIn

#CanKidz can show their commitment by attending weekly practices as well as lunchtime practices. We also want to see excellent school attendance, great attitudes, confidence and an overall ‘stage presence’. Seeing all of this awesomeness will help us in selecting both our Junior (Year 2-4) & Senior (Year 4-6) Roopu. 



#CanKidz are encouraged to get involved in after school sport because we know lots of great learning and fun can come from playing in teams and participating in different sports. Great life skills like communication, team work, handling winning and losing, getting along with different personalities and the value of being active.

Kids have to want to play and be self motivated enough to make sure they get their name on lists when opportunities are offered. After they register their interest they then need to get themselves to trails and or training sessions without being chased. This is an important part of the learning.

The process

  1. We send around the classes or have a meeting explaining the sport on offer and collect the names of all those who think they might like to play the particular sport. 
  2. Trials/training sessions are set, (usually the term before the competition starts). Commitment to attending these sessions and attitude to learning skills are noted. Kids not turning up or working to the best of their ability will not be selected.
  3. Letters go home to whānau explaining game day, time, cost (if there is any) and other relevant information. Part of this letter will be a return slip to be signed by parent/caregiver and returned to school by the stated deadline.
  4. Teams are then entered once players are confirmed and a team is created. Coaches then take over the communication. Sending out draws, etc. Reminders are also posted on Facebook each week.

 Yes: encourage your kids to get involved in sports but then it is really up to them to commit to opportunities and make the most out of them.

Year 1 & 2 = Basketball (Term 3)

Year 3 & 4 = Netball (Term 1), Basketball (Term 2), Soccer (Term 3), Tee-Ball (Term 4)

Year 5 & 6 = Netball (Term 2), Basketball (Term 2), Ripper Rugby (Term 2), Soccer (Term 3), Rugby (Term 3), Softball (Term 4)

Netball Fees=$30 / Basketball Fees = $35. All other sports have no fees.


After School Care

After school care is available, at a cost, through the YMCA Afcare programme. They operate from our school gym building at the back of our school grounds. They operate indepedently of our school. The forms are available through YMCA.


Child Protection Policy


HHS Financial Statement 2017