It's simple...fill in a few forms (and by a few we actually mean, quite a few), bring along your child's passport or birth certificate and meet with our Lead Facilitator.

At these meetings we typically will ask if there are any social, learning or any concerns that we may need to be aware of to better support your child.

If your child was previously enrolled at another school it is not a mandatory requirement for you to inform them about changing schools, however we do contact them to ask about Attendance, Behaviour, Learning Needs. We request your child's records, etc from the previous school. 

*New Entrant enrolments must also have attended 2x transition sessions prior to us accepting/processing your enrolment.

** All new enrolments must have full uniform and have purchased stationery prior to to us accepting/processing enrolment.


Here are our expectations of you as Parents or Caregivers...



Arrive at school on time every day (8:30am - 8:45am is recommended)



Comes to school everyday unless there is a valid reason for not attending. Let us know when this is the case via phone, txt, e-mail, or Facebook.



Attend school in correct school uniform each day. 



Attend one of our #CanCommunityDays which take place each term. Learn alongside your child and take part in a hands on learning experience. 

Read the newsletter each week to keep up to date with what’s happening at school.

Stay connected through Facebook which is updated daily.



Provide your Can Kid with morning tea and lunch each day. We provide a piece of fruit each day as part of the Fruit In Schools programme.

Send your Can Kid to school with water to drink as we are a Water Only School.



Follow our expectations around road safety and parking near the school’s front entrance (See attached flyer)



Help build our school’s Values at home as they are all valuable life-skills.