'Where Kids CAN Achieve Anything!'


So what are we all about?

We create Learning Experiences and opportunities which immerse our Can Kidz in hands on learning. They’re designed to inspire an enquiring and inquisitive mind. From these each learner draws on their funds of knowledge and develop risk taking and problem solving skills. Our Can Kidz come up with questions and not just answers.

Mistakes are learning opportunities to be reflected on, questioned, challenged and eventually conquered. Our Can Kidz understand that learning is all around us and never stops.

Our Can Kidz have total self-belief (or are developing it). They understand that they own their learning, own the choices and decisions they make, and take responsibility.

They own their awesome-ness and acknowledge and celebrate the awesome-ness of others.

We want our Can Kidz to live in the ‘grey area’ or on the ‘edge of their comfort zone’ as this is where the real challenge and often the real learning lives.

Our Can Kidz are proactive, recognise opportunities, and see any obstacles and barriers as challenges they step up to meet head on, and opportunities to take responsibility and demonstrate perseverance and resilience. We don’t do ‘can’t’ here!

Our Can Kidz learn best when taking part in hands-on or virtual experiences.

The Learning Experiences are designed to excite, inspire, and challenge our Can Kidz to ignite their natural curiosity. That means not spoiling the fun aspects of learning through telling our Can Kidz what they are going to learn; instead they discover the learning themselves!

We provide real world contexts that are rich, engaging and promote risk-taking, exploration, and problem solving.

The Experiences are flexible and provide a springboard to further learning opportunities, allowing for student agency and ownership that encourages true questioning and inquiry learning. 

At Henry Hill School we live and breathe our motto … 'Where Kids CAN Achieve Anything!'