‘Ko te tamaiti te putake o te ao.’    ‘The child is at the centre of everything.’

Henry Hill School is a vibrant, inclusive, learning environment where all children have the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive academically and socially.

Our School grounds and classrooms are attractive and stimulating for our children.

Our teaching programmes are engaging, interactive, and inquiry based. Learning programmes are centred around the needs of each individual child.

We are digitally focused in our Year 3-6 classrooms with all students working 1:1 on iPads in Modern Learning Environments. Our New Entrant through to Year 2 classrooms focus on the foundation skills needed for all students to operate successfully throughout all their learning.

Our Classroom teachers and support staff are passionate about working with each child to ensure they reach their potential.

Programmes and initiatives such as School & House Leaders, Academies, Discovery, and Houses (Tuhirangi, Kohukete, Otatara, Heipipi), all support, work to our children’s strengths and passions, excite, and ignite a love for learning, and are our response to student management.

Our 3 C’s: Creative, Confident, Connected guide everything we do here at Henry Hill School.

We want our Children to be Creative, resourceful, problem solvers, Confident in everything they do and set out to achieve, and Connected with each other, staff, their family, our community, and globally.

Our students are CAN KIDZ! That means they try hard at everything, persevere, solve problems, and make no excuses.

At Henry Hill School ‘The child is at the centre of everything.’


Jason Williams