Q & A / FAQ

Some of the most requested questions and information prospective students and their families ask for is answered here.



How To Enrol...

It's simple...fill in a few forms (and by a few we actually mean, quite a few), bring along your child's passport or birth certificate and meet with our Lead Facilitator.

At these meetings we typically will ask if there are any social, learning or any concerns that we may need to be aware of to better support your child.

If your child was previously enrolled at another school it is not a mandatory requirement for you to inform them about changing schools, however we do contact them to ask about Attendance, Behaviour, Learning Needs. We request your child's records, etc from the previous school. 

*New Entrant enrolments must also have attended 2x transition sessions prior to us accepting your enrolment.

** All new #CanKidz must have full uniform and have purchased stationery prior to  to us accepting your enrolment.


New Kidz On The Block Transition Programme

On Tuesdays we encourage prospective new enrolments and family to attend between 1:30pm - 2:45pm. The transition programme takes place in Room 2 with Ms Benge. Parents are encouraged to take part in the learning with their kids during this time as the transition is about the whanau as a whole and not just the kids.


Before & After School Care

We provide free before school care through our Early Bird Hub Learning programme (entry opposite R10 & 11). This begins at 7:30am each morning. The forms are available through the school office and also on this website on the Forms page.

After school care is available, at a cost, through the YMCA Afcare programme. They operate from our school gym building at the back of our school grounds. They operate indepedently of our school. The forms are available through the school office and also on this website on the Forms page. 


Newsletters & Notices

Newsletters are distributed via email, posted on Facebook, and also posted here on this website each Friday. We still produce a small amount of hardcopy newsletters which are available by request in the office.

We put a lot of time and effort into producing our newsletters. Every week two classes will share their learning and we acknowledge all of our Can Kidz that have stepped up. 

Reminder notices are sent home (plus posted on our Facebook page) for our Tribe Challenges and for any other important events. We pride ourselves on keeping everyone well informed about what we do here, so if you aren't feeling like you're receiving the information you should be let us know and we will try and find where the communication breakdown is (which is usually the bottom of the kids' bags).


Class Composition & Selection

All of our classrooms are composite classes (with the exception of our New Entrant intake class) which means they have mixed year levels in them. We put a lot of thought into our classroom placements which are based around relationships and child/adult strengths and abilities. Occasionally adults will ask for a specific Learning Facilitator for their child, but we always select classes based on the aforementioned criteria. Some schools have single gender classes but we don't have a need for them here. 


Water Only School

In 2016 we made the decision to be a Water Only School. After a visit from the mobile dental clinic we became aware and extremely concerned about the state of our children's teeth. We asked our community if they would support the decision to be a Water Only School and 75% returned the survey form and an overwhelming 90% supported this shift to becoming a Water Only School. We removed all sugary drinks from our canteens and only sell bottled water in our canteen and at our school discos.


Road Safety Around School

In 2017 we took part in the 'Move It' initiative designed by the Napier City Council and Sport Hawkes Bay. It encouraged kids and whanau to travel to school via foot, bike, scooter. Through this initiative we have worked with our #CanCommunity to ensure our kids are able to enter and leave school safely in a calm manner. Therefore ...


Main School Entrance - Dick Place

There is to be no stopping/parking between the hours of: 8:30am – 9:30am & 2:30pm – 3:30pm

The same wording is indicated on the signs which will be enforced if necessary by Napier City Council and Police. Please help us by keeping Dick Place free of vehicles. #CanKidz Not Cars

School Car Park

This is designated for Staff, School Visitors, Kohanga Staff and Whanau only. It is not to be used by our Parents/Caregivers.


No Stopping/No Parking Areas

These areas are designated as No Stopping or No Parking as they block the flow of traffic in the street. More importantly we have seen children exit cars on the road side of the vehicle and there have been a lot of near misses. If are using the Disabled Parks outside the office you must have the appropriate tags on your vehicle.


Lateness, Attendance, Leaving School Early

We expect all of our Can Kidz to arrive at school prior to 9:00am (8:45am is a great time to arrive and to allow kids to settle and interact with others before the bell rings at 9:00am). All kids who arrive after 9:00am must collect a Late Pass from the office. We expect our Can Kidz to attend school each and every day but know that sickness, family emergencies, etc are all a part of real life and happen to all of us. We track all lateness and attendance from a Health & Safety perspective and also to ensure our Can Kidz have the best shot at learning. We sometimes make use of the following agencies: Truancy, Police and Oranga Tamariki, when families don't make their child's learning a priority. We ask that appointments be made outside of school hours to ensure our Can Kidz learning isn't disrupted. Permission must be sought from the office if parents/caregivers intend to take their children out of class prior to 3:00pm.



We update our Facebook page daily and use it to show off and share the amazing learning our Can Kidz take part in and produce. It's also a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in our school, and is the first place we announce any cancellations and changes to our regular or scheduled events. We have over 1000 Likes which makes us amongst the most popular Primary School Facebook pages in Hawkes Bay.


Access To Health Services & SWiS

We have Public Health Nurses Helen and Nicola visit us twice per week. We are also fortunate to have a SWiS/Social Worker - David, available to work with our kids once a week. Ring or call in and let us know if you think your child needs any help in these areas.


Wet Days

Unlike a number of other local schools, we still finish at our normal 3:00pm finish time on rainy or wet days. Please be respectful of your child and their peers learning and interruptions to the class programme by not requesting to take them out earlier on wet days, just because it's raining, or because it's harder to get a car park at 3:00pm on a wet day.


No Dogs

We love dogs, but some of our Can Kidz don't and may be fearful, so please be respectful of them and do not bring dogs into our school grounds.



Beginning of Year:  Children may purchase all stationery from school.  Stationery lists are compiled by each Learning Facilitator, children take this list (with prices) home, parents order, and stationery is delivered to classes. Children are encouraged to purchase from school but are free to purchase from retailers.

During the Year:  Stationery may be purchased throughout the year from the office between the hours of 8:30am and 9:00am and after 3:00pm. Learning Facilitators supply children with a note for them to take home, children bring the note and money to the office.



Uniform / Tribe Colours

Uniform is compulsory and must be worn each and every day. Our school hat or cap is a compulsory uniform item in Terms 1 & 4. When we have a Tribal Warfare Challenge our Can Kidz and adult Team dress in their Tribe Colours. This doesn't mean mufti so if any Can Kidz do not have their Tribe Colour organised they will need to come to school dressed in uniform. We always give everyone plenty of notice through Facebook, Newsletter and Notices.


Healthy Lunches

We encourage all of our families to provide their Can Kidz with a healthy lunch each day, and we provide our Can Kidz with fresh fruit for morning tea each day. On Wednesdays & Fridays we offer SUBWAY lunches which can be purchased from the office. Sweet treats and fried foods are fine in moderation but best used as an occasional treat, and remember we are WATER ONLY!


Out Of School Trips

We know that the best learning experiences we can provide our Can Kidz with are ones where we leave the school grounds, but with Health & Safety regulations, cost of transport, etc it is not as easy as it used to be to make this happen. When we do venture out we always send home a notice explaining where we are going, why we're are going there and any associated costs. We try to give plenty of notice in order for all of our Can Kidz to be able to afford to take part. If the trip is local (Napier or Hastings area) we will only send a notice to you and not a permission slip as we have gained that permission upon enrolment (if you enrolled during the year) or at the beginning of the year. We always complete RAM (Risk Analysis Management) forms to ensure we have identified and minimised any risks to our Can Kidz, Staff, Community. 


Learning Support

Sometimes parents/caregivers will let us know on enrolment about learning issues or concerns they may have for their child. We have literally been there/done that and have worked with a diverse range of kids over the years. We have some of the best learning support programmes available here so we will be able to support them, and if we need extra support we'll find it.



As with all schools, our grounds are Smokefree.


Parent Involvement In Learning

There are lots of opportunities here to get involved with your child's learning. We encourage you to be involved with your child's learning, which means yes you are welcome to visit them in class, as long as you are not disrupting theirs or others learning, and we want you to have conversations with your child at home about what it is they are learning at school. 

A great question to ask your child is... "What did you learn or discover today that you didn't know yesterday?"


Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters

Lots of our Can Kidz choose to bike, skate, or scooter to school. Bikes and scooters have specific areas to be stored in during the school day. We encourage you to lock them to ensure their safety during the day. There are also specific areas in which our kids are allowed to use their skateboards and scooters before school, during morning tea and lunchtimes. 




We typically hold 2x Sausage Sizzle Fundraisers per term and also a Disco. The funds raised from these events go towards lots of special projects in our school. In the past they have paid for: BBQ Tables, New Signage, art mural in the hall, drone, subsidised class, sport, and camp trips, etc. We always send home notices about these events to ensure you are aware of what is going on ahead of time.