#CanKidz are encouraged to get involved in after school sport because we know lots of great learning and fun can come from playing in teams and participating in different sports. Great life skills like communication, team work, handling winning and losing, getting along with different personalities and the value of being active.

Kids have to want to play and be self motivated enough to make sure they get their name on lists when opportunities are offered. After they register their interest they then need to get themselves to trails and or training sessions without being chased. This is an important part of the learning.

The process

  1. We send around the classes or have a meeting explaining the sport on offer and collect the names of all those who think they might like to play the particular sport.
  2. Trials/training sessions are set, (usually the term before the competition starts). Commitment to attending these sessions and attitude to learning skills are noted. Kids not turning up or working to the best of their ability will not be selected.
  3. Letters go home to whānau explaining game day, time, cost (if there is any) and other relevant information. Part of this letter will be a return slip to be signed by parent/caregiver and returned to school by the stated deadline.
  4. Teams are then entered once players are confirmed and a team is created. Coaches then take over the communication. Sending out draws, etc. Reminders are also posted on Facebook each week.

 Yes: encourage your kids to get involved in sports but then it is really up to them to commit to opportunities and make the most out of them.

Year 1 & 2 = Basketball (Term 3)

Year 3 & 4 = Netball (Term 1), Basketball (Term 2), Soccer (Term 3), Tee-Ball (Term 4)

Year 5 & 6 = Netball (Term 2), Basketball (Term 2), Ripper Rugby (Term 2), Soccer (Term 3), Rugby (Term 3), Softball (Term 4)

Netball Fees=$30 / Basketball Fees = $35. All other sports have no fees.