School Uniform is compulsory at Henry Hill School. 

Brand: Kukri

Sizes: Sizes start at size 5 and go through to XXL

Availability: The uniform is only available from the school office. The school is selling the uniform at cost price and making no profit on the uniform.


= Compulsory Items =

Polo Shirt: $40

Shorts $32 or Skort $46

Cap $10 or Bucket Hat $15

= Optional Items =

Polar Fleece Jersey: $52

Trackpants: $52

* Black stockings or tights underneath skort or shorts

* Students may wear a long sleeve plain black top underneath their polo shirts.

 (WINZ – Ask at the office if you need a quote)

-- All students are given a FREE Black Kids Can Jacket (Warriors) which can be worn to and from school but also at school/in class. --