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Nau Mai, Haere Mai ki te Kura ō Henry Hill

We actively go against the grain and look for alternative ways to turn our #CanKidz onto learning...and it works!

Our curriculum is hands-on based using iPads to enhance and take our learning beyond the physical walls of the classroom.

Are you and your whānau ready to go #ALLin?

If you like what you see and think we're the right school for your tamariki and whānau then come in for a chat and experience our one of a kind school!!

Jase Williams - Principal  

'I want to congratulate you for winning the Excellence in Wellbeing Education Award in this year's Te Pirimia Ngā Tohu Kairangi Mātauranga | Prime Minister's Education Excellence Awards. This is an amazing achievement, and you should be proud of what your team have accomplished for your ākonga.

It was great to see how healthy food choices and staff professional development in neuroscience helped to improve the wellbeing of learners at Henry Hill School. I think yoga and a karakia is a fantastic way to start your morning, and an even better way to improve the wellbeing of our tamariki and rangatahi.

Your story is such an inspiration and I look forward to hearing more stories of success about your ākonga and schooling community in years to come.'

- Prime Minister - Jacinda Ardern

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'There are things we can all do to support our own mental wellbeing, but places like schools, work and community groups also have an important role to play. Henry Hill School in Napier are doing some amazing activities that are focused on supporting the mental wellbeing of students.


Classes at Henry Hill School also start each day with yoga, giving the students skills and strategies to help them be calm, centred, and regulate themselves across various situations and scenarios outside of school.


Connecting with nature is a simple action that anyone can do to help improve their wellbeing.

Keep up the great work Henry Hill School.'

- Ministry Of Health

'Such a privilege to see and inspiring to see what I talk about put into practice! I’m always being asked for examples of where the research I talk about is put into practice - so here is one in Napier that I recently visited - Henry Hill School.

Principal Jason Williams is a pioneering, passionate and positive leader. The school's tranquility garden is named Te Āhuru Mōwai (Peaceful Paradise) but this really describes the whole school!

And true to form - what happens when a school focuses more on wellbeing than academic advancement?? When they did last have National Standards they were amongst the best in the region! It’s not wellbeing INSTEAD of academics, it’s understanding wellbeing is the birthplace of academics!

Thanks Henry Hill School for such a warm feeling of manaaki.'

- NZ's top Neuroscience Educator/Brain Development & Child Development/Parenting Expert - Nathan Wallis


Te Āhuru Mōwai

Te Āhuru Mōwai is our Sensory Space designed to help calm and ground our #CanKidz so that they are regulated and ready to learn. Te Āhuru Mōwai is set in native bush and includes many sensory elements that can be touched and manipulated and a Sensation Pathway to help with overall hauora/health based on ancient reflexology practices. The space is ever evolving with new elements added all the time - most being re-purposed elements we've created in class from re-cycled materials.

Latest News & Events

We’re a digital school - which means all communication = Newsletters, Notices/Pānui, etc - are sent via email and are also posted to Facebook.


We share all of the awesomeness that happens here through daily Facebook posts so make sure you LIKE our page!

Tikanga Māori

All of our #CanKidz take part in whole school Kapa Haka which takes place after most Friday AWEssemblies.

They learn different waiata and haka alongside our #CanTeam.

We encourage both #CanKidz and #CanTeam to use Te Reo Māori in an organic and authentic way throughout each day.


AWEssemblies !

AWEssemblies take place every Friday at 9:15am and you are more than welcome to attend.

They are typically pretty interactive and celebrate all of the awesome achievements that happen school wide each week.
Each class also celebrates their #CanKid of the Week!


We hold a #CanCommunityDay once a term to open up the doors of our classrooms to our whānau. You have the opportunity to learn alongside your #CanKid.

These fun and interactive experiences have replaced traditional parent/teacher conferences.


Morning Tea and Lunch are provided FREE each and everyday thanks to Fruit In Schools and the Government FREE Healthy Lunch programmes.

The food is healthy, tasty and any food waste is fed to our school’s pigs and any packaging waste is recycled, re-used and re-purposed.

All classes begin each day reciting our school

karakia and taking part in a short yoga and breathing based programme all in Te Reo Māori. This helps us

all to get into a place and zone where we are ready

to learn, and we can all start the school day in a

calm, safe and nurturing manner. There are also

several regulatory breaks in classes daily.


Free Morning Tea and Lunch



We are Kaitiaki and our job is to ensure we look after Papatūānuku. We are working towards providing a Para Kore - Zero Waste - environment here.


This means we are mindful of what waste comes into school and we have systems in place to reduce, recycle, or re-use and re-purpose waste - a number of these elements will end up being used in Te Āhuru Mōwai!


We hold our #CanKidz Fun Run Challenge during Term 4. This is a Tribe Challenge event where our #CanKidz have to navigate through a physical demanding obstacle course.

Everyone gets really wet and really muddy! There is just enough challenge in the course so that all #CanKidz are pushed physically and mentally at their level. The event also doubles as our major school fundraiser for the year.

Details will come out mid Term 3.