Our #CanKidz Philosophy started several years ago when it was noticed that many students lacked perseverance and resilience and were used to giving up when learning or tasks started to get hard. The word ‘can’t’ was banned and we came up with the term ‘#CanKidz’, which has stuck.

All of our learners are #CanKidz. 


They each have a place here at Henry Hill School and bring with them their own funds of knowledge, cultural values and competencies and each bring a unique lens in which they view and value learning and the world around them.


Our #CanKidz have total self-belief (or are developing it). They understand that they own their learning, own the choices and decisions they make, and take responsibility.


They own their awesome-ness and acknowledge and celebrate the awesome-ness of others.

We want our #CanKidz to live on the ‘edge of their comfort zone’ or in the ‘grey area’, as this is where the real challenge and often the real learning lives. Our Learning Experiences create enough stress and challenge to open up the learning pathways in the brain’s cortex where new content will connect with prior knowledge.

Our #CanKidz are proactive, recognise opportunities, and see any obstacles and barriers as challenges they step up to meet head on, and opportunities to take responsibility and demonstrate perseverance and resilience.

It’s all about Belief.


If we Believe we CAN, there’s a greater chance that we will!


'All of our learners are #CanKidz.'