Our Learning

It starts with changing our mindsets and approaches to how we deliver learning, but it also means we are more mindful of the words we use when we feedback and talk to and with our #CanKidz, because that makes a huge difference to how they perceive themselves as learners.

We encourage our #CanKidz to take risks. We encourage them to make mistakes. And we help them to develop strategies to assist them when the learning becomes hard or seems impossible.


Our #CanKidz believe that they can learn, change, and develop needed skills. They are better equipped to handle inevitable setbacks, and know that hard work, owning and taking responsibility for successes and setbacks, perseverance and resilience can help them accomplish their goals.

When they face challenges they step up to them and eventually conquer them.


We provide real world contexts that are rich, engaging and promote risk-taking, exploration, and problem solving.

Our Experiences are flexible and provide a springboard to further learning opportunities, allowing for student agency and ownership that encourages true questioning and inquiry learning.


Our #CanKidz come up with questions and not just answers. Mistakes are learning opportunities to be reflected on, questioned, challenged and eventually conquered.

We plan for specific outcomes and learning opportunities as Learning facilitators, and the best way to describe the process is that it’s ‘Map-less’ with multiple learner led pathways.

For our Learning Facilitators and #CanTeam a Growth Mindset involves modelling the same process: taking risks, working outside of our comfort zones, and enquiring into how we can make learning even more beneficial for our #CanKidz.

Our #CanKidz learn best when taking part in hands on or virtual experiences.

We don’t stand at the front and tell anymore, we sit with and amongst the kids. We set the scene, zip our mouths (unless we’re questioning to get the kids to think even deeper about what they’re doing) and let the kids experience the learning.

Our Learning Experiences are designed to excite, inspire and challenge our #CanKidz to ignite their natural curiosity.

That means not spoiling the fun aspects of learning through telling our #CanKidz what they are going to learn; instead they discover the learning themselves!